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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us
Katie S ~
 After using them in the past to rebuild the chimney, we had it cleaned. Technicians were professional and neat. We scheduled it in advance and received a reminder call the week before the appointment, extremely satisfied with the cost and service.

Amy A ~ Cleaned flues, repaired flue and repointed chimney. Explained options well without pressure or typical sales pitch. Saved a lot of money using them opposed to other quotes I received and felt work was good quality. Overall positive experience. I would hire Affordable Chimney again

Chris & Patty A ~ Workers were on time and professional. Owner kept us apprised of status, explained the work being performed and the reason for it. Work was completed on time and at budget. Site was left clean when work was complete. Brick work was exceptional and maintained the aesthetic of the house and neighborhood. Would definitely recommend them.

Amanda C ~ The overall process went very well. Services were done over two separate visits. All of the technicians were very professional and thoroughly went over with me the services they performed and why. They were also very clean; taking the time to prep and clean up afterwards. Not only did we get great workmanship but we got it all at a great price. I definitely will be using Affordable Chimney Sweeps again for future sweeps.

Ken F ~ It went well! Knowledgeable friendly professional service. Polite and prompt!!

Maureen O ~ Swept wood burning fireplace chimney and inspected wood burning fireplace and gas flues. We called several places and, as their name implies, they had the best rates. More importantly, they were responsive to emails, flexible on scheduling times, and called the day prior to confirm the appointment. They showed up during the 2nd half of the 2 hour window, but were professional, clean, and efficient. They also inspected our gas flue for no charge, which we assumed we'd get the sales pitch that it needed to be cleaned, but they were honest and gave us the all clear and finished up. Will most certainly use them again.

John  K ~ Work went smoothly during the 7 or 8 hrs. that I was told it would take. Workmen arrived on time in the morning and got right to work. An explanation of the work to be done was given to me during the estimate visit and once again reviewed when they started the work. During the estimate actual pictures were taken of the chimney outside and inside the flue to show me what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. An unexpected problem that popped up was shown to me and quickly taken care of. Bottom line, all work was completed to my satisfaction. Would use this company again. Next year’s inspection has already been booked with Affordable Chimney Sweeps.

Jeffrey S ~ Repairs after a chimney fire - replaced old cracked chimney liner with new liner and put on new chimney cap. Insurance was paying for these repairs, so there were a lot of questions and "back and forth" to deal with. The people at Affordable Chimney Sweeps were very easy to work with and helped answer all the questions of the insurance company. When performing the work, they were very prompt and professional. They also worked to minimize the dust / dirt in the house. I was very pleased with the outcome and will use them again!

Nancy T ~ Chimney sweep accurately describes what we had done. Though they used a shop vac to do some of the cleaning. They also used a broom of sorts. The overall experience was painless. He showed up, on time. Knocked at the door, we exchanged a few pleasantries, he was respectful and courteous. I showed him where the chimney cleanout is and he went right to work. Some short time later he knocked on the door and we exchanged more pleasantries, I paid him and that was that. He did offer advice on how to maintain our chimney. I went downstairs to check on the place where he had been working. You never would have known he had been there. He did a fine job of cleaning up after himself. I do believe we will be calling them when the chimney needs attention again.

Christopher D ~ We moved into a new home that had a fireplace. Per our home inspection the chimney needed a cleaning ASAP.I called on 3/26 and got an appointment for the next day. Jeff from Affordable Chimney Sweeps came out and did a great job with the cleaning. The chimney hadn't been cleaned in 30 years and was a mess. Jeff explained exactly what needed to be done and went over the pricing with us. We will be planning a follow up cleaning as well as chimney cap with affordable.

Danielle W ~ Performed Chimney Inspection and provided an estimate for repairing the chimney, chimney cap and work on the fireplace. Basic chimney inspection turned up additional work that should be done. Jason was clear about what the issues were and I got a follow-up proposal for additional work. I think the only negative is that they recommended while doing the inspection that I needed a new liner and couldn't do the sweep. When I asked for a rough ball park they indicated somewhere on the order of $8,000 for a new clay liner. I have since learned and confirmed with a nice lady from Affordable Chimney Sweeps who followed up on their proposal that could get a steel liner insert for much much less.

Betty L ~ I needed my brick chimney re-pointed and capped. Then, my woodstove chimney needed support brackets, the cap replaced and the chimney swept. They did a great job, stuck to the estimate (which was competitively priced); all done with a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable approach. 
Thank you!

Anand M ~ A thorough chimney sweep for 2 fireplaces. It was great. I am a new home owner and so was not aware of the procedure. The guy came, spread a sheet on the floor so that things in the house don't get dirty and started his work. He explained the process when I asked him about it. He was very polite. He performed 2 chimney sweeps since I have 2 fireplaces. He came on time and left as soon as the job was done. I was very pleased with the service offered.

Tariq F ~ Phone call to office was answered promptly and appointment for the following week was available Arrived within the 2-hour window. Very courteous. Completed the cleaning with no mess (vacuum continually on). No issues and no pressure to buy any other services. Written recommendation is for yearly cleaning but if not used very regularly verbal conversation indicated a cleaning every two years will be fine. Willingness to say this makes me more likely to use again. I will use this company again.

Maxwell L ~ Inspected and cleaned out chimney for the first time since we bought the house in March 2012. We also got a quote for a cap but decided to skip it for now. The chimney didn't seem horrible but we were unsure how long it had been, and we hadn't had the chimney inspected when we bought it (and I hadn't really spent any time shining a flashlight up there to look at it). The guy was on time, friendly, and friendly to our crazy dog that insisted on checking him out. He inspected our chimney and confirmed that everything looked in good repair but it needed cleaning. He then went through and promptly cleaned it out and cleaned up after nicely. We'll definitely use them again when the time comes. We also got a quote for a cap but decided to skip it; there was no hard sales line and he was knowledgeable and friendly about it.

Linda M ~ Chimney was cleaned and new steel liner was installed. The chimney was repaired on the outside and a cap was put on. Bricks that were loose or crumbling inside were repaired and sealed with cement. Work was begun on time and completed in a timely fashion. The workers didn't waste time and cleaned up very well after the job was done.

Bryan D ~ Was a great overall experience. Great communication. Will use them again!

Kathy M ~ My parents oil burner was on it's way out and it turned out the chimney was in terrible condition. They replaced the lining, added a access door and capped the chimney. It all went extremely well. They showed up when they said they would, did a great job with no complications and left the place cleaner than it was when they arrived.  Very pleased.

Walter G ~ Cleaned and unblocked debris from chimney. Excellent Work!

Robert A ~ We had 2 chimneys swept by Affordable Chimney Sweeps. They also put a new damper on the top of the chimney. I was pleased with Affordable Chimney Sweeps. They were quick, efficient, and done within 2 hours. They were very responsive.

Theresa D ~ Excellent. They arrived on time and installed the new stainless steel liner in a few hours. They also patched a hole and crack in the existing flue to reinforce it and prevent any additional issues with the fireplace chimney flue.

Katie S ~ Fireplace and furnace fuel flues swept and inspected. They also ended up installing a liner. I called the company to have the fireplace and furnace fuel flues swept and inspected. The technicians were on time, professional and explained everything in detail with photos for some additional worked needed because a clay liner was deteriorated for the furnace side of the chimney. They gave me a reasonable price and I went ahead with the repair work. Overall, a positive experience and I will recommend this company to friends.

Siggy P ~ Affordable Chimney Sweeps installed a liner and added a clean out door at a competitive price, showed up on time, did quality work (not that anyone would look behind my furnace), and 9 months later I have had no issues. Another company quoting the job (twice as expensive) used scare tactics (that my chimney would fall down). Whereas Affordable focused on doing a good job.

It was a positive end to a frustrating story that started with a plumber, who installed a high efficiency oil-burner. The plumber knew it would cause severe condensation (acid rain) inside the chimney, but let me discover that his bill was not the only expense I would have...this acid rain was pooling in my basement daily and eating my chimney and concrete.  The chimney liner solved the problem. Thank You Affordable Chimney Sweeps!

Michael C ~ They did a good job for me. They were perfect. They were professional. They are insured, and we trusted them to do the job.

Olivier SV ~ Affordable Chimney Sweeps installed new dampers and a new copper cap. Very good. Efficient and professional!

Jacqueline P ~ “We are very pleased with their professional domineer. We would recommend them to our friends”. 

Jenny M ~ “They are awesome. I have recommended them to some of my friends around town. The guy who came to perform the work was very cautious not to make a mess. He made sure no debris came from the chimney onto my furniture. He was very punctual, responsive, and professional. I have been using their services for several years”.

Anonymous ~ “Good communication, a welcome exception to the rule. Contractors were on time, did their work in a neat, orderly and timely fashion. They were polite and clear about what they were doing and answered any questions I had”.

Sherry M “The price was reasonable, the quality of work was excellent, and they did a nice job cleaning up! This was a big job since the chimney was in very poor condition and I am so relieved to have it done before winter. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more”!

Deborah A ~ “Right on time. Very nice professional man. Put drop cloths down around my wood stove to protect the floors. Cleaned up and left things as found. I would hire you again! awesome”!

Elizabeth R ~ “Came at time we agreed too. Tore down old chimney; cleaned and built a new chimney adding a cap. There was no mess, the yard was left in the same condition as before they arrived. Work was done as agreed and I would suggest them to anyone. Well run, great support staff”.

Andrew T ~ “We had a chimney rebuilt from the roof line up and a chimney cap installed and water proofing treatment applied to another chimney. Because of the location of the chimney they had to use a boom truck to do the rebuild. The chimney rebuild went very well. We are very satisfied with the way the chimney came out”.

Donna P ~ “I hired Affordable Chimney Sweeps to repair a chimney at my mother's house. They performed work on two separate occasions. The first time was for a repair which included replacing 30 broken bricks on the chimney; applied crown seal product; applied roof structural cement to the flashing area at the base of the chimney; and installed a stainless steel chimney cap. The second time they came out was to install a stainless steel chimney liner in the flue the chimney. We were very happy with their work. The first time they came out, they discovered the chimney flue was deteriorated and the owner Glen sat down with me and my mother and explained everything to us. He and his staff are very professional and they adhere to all the codes that should be followed. I was happy to hire him knowing that the work would be completed properly. His workers were very professional and polite. They took the time to explain what they were going to do and showed us the chimney liner and explained how they would install it. I have hired this company before for my house and were very happy with them”. 

Kirsten A ~ “Having recently purchased a home with an old woodstove and a chimney that had clearly leaked in the past, I needed a good assessment of it before using and deciding whether to keep it or not. Affordable Chimney Sweep charges a $99 fee whether they do a cleaning or not, which surprised me when I called, but they were clear about it up front. They also reminded me during a follow up confirmation call. The technician was very nice and gave me a good overview of the woodstove, what was up to code and what an inspector might want changed. He said the chimney itself didn't need to be cleaned (which would have cost us more money), but that a chimney cap would have kept out the animals and water that had caused damage (an overflow of wet ashes near the clean out box).He pointed out where we needed new firebrick in the woodstove and gave me a some suggestions on how to clean the stained concrete. He also took away a mummified squirrel that had gotten in because there was no chimney cap; I really appreciated that! He offered to install a chimney cap on the spot at a reasonable price, but we decided to wait until we decide what to do with the woodstove. This was a good experience and I would hire them again”. 

Ken G ~ “I used Affordable Chimney Sweeps 3 months ago to inspect and clean my chimney. I would give them A all across the board. There were just no negatives with them. When I first called them, they gave me information on the phone which they need not have had to and charged me for an inspection. I really appreciated that. He did a smaller job that he did not charge me for. It is just an awesome company which is difficult to find today. I would recommend them to other members. They are honest, professional, do a good job and the price is right. They were also very thorough and kept my house clean. I would use them in the future”.

Stephan E ~ “My husband spoke with them and ask several questions. After the phone interview, he ask them to come and install the cap on the chimney. Their knowledge was very impressive and the work was professional. The price was reasonable”. 

DJ ~ “Chimney clean and installed New Liner. Good and fast service with good price”.

Judith B ~ “They rebuilt the top four rows of the brick and shelf, and put a 13x28 cap on, and water repellent as well. So far the work has turned out great. They were really nice and were on time for the estimate and work. They did postpone one day due to the weather. They were professional and their estimate was better than others I received. I would use them again if needed”.

Harriet W ~ “Excellent. I was quoted a price over the phone, the serviceman was prompt, pleasant, clean,and clearly knew what he was doing. He explained repairs needed and gave me a price on a needed chimney cap”.

Harriet W ~ “They rebuilt the top four rows of the brick and shelf, and put a 13x28 cap on, and water repellent as well. So far the work has turned out great. They were really nice and were on time for the estimate and work. They did postpone one day due to the weather. They were professional and their estimate was better than others I received. I would use them again if needed”. 

Barbara B ~ Dear Mr. Sharpe,
“I am writing this letter of commendation to express my appreciation and custom satisfaction for the very good work done for me on February 09, 2010 by your excellent master technician. He was very courteous, professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. I also, wish to express my appreciation and customer satisfaction to your excellent office staff who were also very courteous, professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable Thank you, and your staff for very fine service”.  

Michael L ~ “Work performed on two chimney's. First chimney, remove old cap and damaged terra cotta liner. Installed new stainless steel liner and chimney cap. Second chimney, install stainless steel liner and attach it to the furnace flue. Glenn arrived with a technician. Inspected the chimney's and took pictures of the interiors of each. He submitted an estimate of costs and said he would go to his office and price out the parts and labor. He sent a very professional proposal of work with the specific price, which was a little less than the on site estimate. Once I decided to go ahead with the job a date was picked about two weeks out. The job was complete in one day by three very professional gentlemen, who respected my property and kept my house spotless when removing the old tile. They finished both jobs in one day and left my house and property as clean as when they arrived. My fireplace would leak water during heavy rains prior to the work being completed. It has not leaked since. I would highly recommend this company to any of my family and friends”. 

Sharon S ~ “Hi, I thought you would like to know that this chimney sweep visit went very well. The technician was polite, informative, amusing and efficient. He took the time to show me the insides of the flue and explain what it was he was doing and explained the stages of creosote, etc. He was pleasant and patient through all my questions. I’ve owned the stove for almost 30 years but still learned something new today. Thank you for the fine service. I will be in touch again next year”. Sincerely, 

Mary ~ “Hello, The two employees that did my job did a very good job. Both technicians were very knowledgeable, pleasant and well mannered”. Thank you, 

Peter M ~ “They re-pointed and sealed my chimney. My experience was excellent, incredible. They were much cheaper, they did an excellent job and even did some extra work for free”.  

Patrick C ~ “We found Affordable Chimney on Angie's List. I called several listed companies and Affordable was able to visit my property to provide an estimate several weeks sooner than the other companies. In fact, they completed the work before the other companies had said they were available to provide an initial estimate. Affordable cleaned two chimneys, installed smoketite (cement covering) in the smoke box, replaced a broken terra cotta tile in the flue, rebuilt a chimney from about 6 brick levels down from the top up, installed new chimney caps, sprayed water repellent on the chimneys. It went very well. I really liked the team and they took a lot of pride in their work. I selected a brick to match the existing chimney and their mason did a phenomenal job making it look original in my 1949 home. Along with the estimate, Affordable provided a very detailed written estimate and color photos and brochures of the various products they intended to use.”

Miriam K ~ Cleaned (and removed a dead squirrel!) from our fireplace chimney. Installed a double-flue chimney cap. We called Affordable Chimney Sweeps in something of a panic when our attempt to build the fall's first fire in the fireplace revealed the chimney blocked and a multitude of flies issuing from it. Two chimney sweeps arrived within two hours of our call, the company having made time for us during what must be their busiest season. They removed, apart from the more usual things, a long-dead squirrel from the chimney.(For this we had to pay somewhat more than for a normal cleaning-but we think that a special "yech" rate is perfectly justifiable in the circumstances.) Within an hour and a half of their arrival, we were provided with a clean and perfectly drawing chimney-and a screened, stainless-steel chimney cap to keep further beasties from the premises.

John C ~ “Dear Glenn, I was very impressed with you & Jason, your website, materials & professionalism. We look forward to your workmanship being of good quality”. Sincerely,

Roy G ~ AFFORDABLE CHIMNEY SWEEPS came and cleaned my chimney and put new cap on it. The came right away, they were very professional, they were immaculate and made sure to wear white booties to protect our rug, which I really appreciated.

Susan T ~ “Dear Affordable Chimney, Please feel free to use my name for any reference you may need. I found Affordable Chimney Sweeps to be one of the most professional companies that I have ever done business with. Your office people were fantastic - very organized, polite, efficient and a pleasure to work with. The men who came to do the work were polite, clean, quiet and considerate. They worked hard all day and completed and cleaned up their job on time. Even the owner came by my house to pick up the contract which was most appreciated. Affordable Chimney Sweeps was easy to work with - and the price was competitive. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for the great service”. 

Bob & Kelly R ~ “Hi, We wanted to thank you for such a conscientious job on cleaning and checking our woodstove. It was very important the job was done correctly and you all did a great job! We will use your company again. My husband sells real estate and bartends in Andover, he knows everyone! We will recommend your company highly to all. Thank you again”. 

Evan M ~ “I had my chimney rebuilt by Affordable Chimney Sweeps. They rebuilt it from the roof line up. They inserted a stainless steel liner and put a new cap on it. They have masons working for them as well. There was no sweeping involved. They were very great and very professional. They came out and did a free estimate for us. The work was done in a legitimate time frame too. We called them and said that we wanted to extend a few things and they still honored the price. The chimney looks good and I am happy with the results”.

Deborah A ~ “Cleaned both flues in my chimney. One flue for the oil burner and the other flue for the wood burning stove. An inspection was performed on the outside and inside of the chimney. They returned my calls promptly to schedule service. They called me again a day prior for a reminder. The serviceman came out on time and performed all duties as described. He recommended a repair to the top brick mortar pointing but said I could get wait on that repair. I would highly recommend this service and company. I will be calling them again”. 

Eva M ~ “They did a sweep of the chimney. Great, they stuck to work requested. Didn't try to make the service call any bigger. On time and professional”.  

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