Affordable Chimney Sweeps

3 Types Of Brick Masonry Chimney Rebuilds:

Also known as chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, fireplace chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roof line / flashing line up chimney rebuilds or complete chimney rebuilds. Chimneys project above the roof line and are constantly natural weather exposure, usage, time and lack of preventive maintenance render your chimney structurally vulnerable and leading to integrity damage that require the chimney to be repaired and or requiring a chimney rebuild. Chimneys last a long time but eventually you may need to start over with a chimney rebuild and a water proofing protection plan.

Affordable Chimney Sweeps Chimney Rebuilds Include the following.
  1. Assembly of OSHA Approved Roof Staging
  2. Tear down and Hazardous Waste Disposal of Brick, Debris and Lead Flashing in some cases.
  3. Re-construction of the chimney with new flashing if needed and new bricks up to NFPA & Local Code Height Requirements.
  4. Complete cleanup of the work area and roof.
  5. Chimney Saver Water Treatment Protection Applied to the Chimney.
Chimney Rebuilds fall into 3 categories:
  1. Partial Chimney Rebuild: Small chimneys with or without Roof Staging or Scaffolding that requires only the top few tiers / layers of brick need to be rebuilt with a new cement crown.
  2. Flashing Area Up / Roof Line Chimney Rebuilds: Substantial mortar and/or brick deterioration has eliminated the possibility of a tuck-pointing / re-pointing restoration. The chimney is dismantled to the flashing area near the roofline. At this time we would inspect the flashing area of the chimney as due to the age, this is the proper time to replace the lead flashing if it is needed to prevent any future chance of water entry. The chimney is then rebuilt to current NFPA and Local Code Height requirements. This usually requires Roof Staging or Scaffolding because of the need of a safe platform to work off of and hold materials.
  3. Total Ground Up Chimney Rebuilds: These types of rebuilds are needed when the chimney is leaning or pulling from the house, has severe mortar deterioration or severe brick spalling throughout the chimney structure and has occurred from ground up. This requires a complete tear down of the outer layer of bricks. In most cases the firebox, hearth and smoke chamber do not have to be removed. Again, this is the proper time to replace the lead flashing if it is needed to prevent any future chance of water entry. The chimney would require OSHA Approved Stack staging as well as OSHA Approved roof staging. The chimney would then be rebuilt to NFPA & Local Code requirements.
Upon completion of any of the three types of rebuilds, a Water Protection Treatment Plan with ChimneySaver would conclude the work so that the new chimney is giving every advantage to repel future water and moisture damage.

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