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Chimney Smoke & Fireplace Smoke Back Up Rectification

Fireplace smoke back up can be attributed to a multitude of different things. At Affordable Chimney Sweeps we can provide many proven products and services that eliminate fireplace smoke back up from all chimney types. Finding out the cause(s) of fireplace smoke backup is usually a very technical task. Our CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweeps are trained, tested, and experienced with every type of fireplace smoke back up occurrence.

There may be any number of reasons why your fireplace smokes.
  1. Is your damper fully open?
  2. Is your chimney dirty?
  3. Is your firewood green or wet from rain or snow?
  4. Is your chimney tall enough?
  5. Is the flue large enough for your fireplace opening?
  6. Is the chimney on an outside wall of your house?
  7. Is your home too tight or too loose?
  8. There may be other reasons for fireplace smoke to back up into your home that have to do with design problems when the fireplace was built.
No Matter what the problem is, there is a solution that can be found.

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