Affordable Chimney Sweeps

Consultations & Inspections

We receive thousands of calls and emails a year from homeowners asking us to come to their homes and provide either a 2nd opinion or a quote for repairs to their chimney ventilation system internally and or externally. When the call comes in, we try to determine the correct service to provide to the customer. We would decide upon completing an intake of information if this were to be scheduled as either an Estimate, Consultation or Level 1/Level 2 Inspection.

Can Affordable Chimney Sweeps accept other vendor’s estimates? Unfortunately, No. I wish we could but over the years we have learned not to rely on other vendors’ estimates or quotes in the industry. Some of the reasons are because there are quite a few vendors who lack the knowledge, qualifications, or equipment (expensive video scanners) to determine what is going on inside the chimney.

Estimates, Consultations & 2nd Opinions: We charge a small fee for the service we provide and will give you high value for it. By charging a small fee (100% Refundable, Please Inquire) for our time, this allows us to reserve a block of time drive to your home, covering fuel expenses, listen to your concerns, set up a ladder and other equipment such as our video scan technology when it is needed. By doing our Due Diligence, we can provide our customers with the time and professional service to properly diagnose and offer solutions, often saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

A Consultation is when a homeowner is interested in having either a wood stove, wood insert, pellet or gas appliance installed. We arrive at the home to complete some measurements, show you some appliance options with Napoleon, Timberwolf, Ventis & Regency. If the chimney flue that is being used to vent the product is dirty, then we would need to sweep the chimney flue, remove the black soot, and perform a Level 1 & Level 2 inspection and make sure the chimney is safe to be used in the new purpose.

An Estimate or a 2nd opinion is when we arrive at your home, we will listen and review allĀ  of your concerns and the problem area(s) of the chimney(s) and offer solutions to correct the problem. We unfortunately seeover looked hazards by a previous vendor and worse yet, mistakes or fraudmade by another vendor by showing the customer the wrong pictures that don’t even go to their home.

FREE Estimates for Exterior Masonry and Chimney Cap Installations when we can. We ask the homeowner to take pictures of the home with the chimney in view and some pictures of the different sides of the chimney in question. Email them to us so we can look them over and most of the time we can see the damage that is going on with the chimney on the outside and offer a free estimate on repairs for you. However, if the chimney is out of view or is high up off the roof, then we should come out to do either a consultation or one of the 3 levels of inspectionsor inspection to determine what is needed and offer you some solutions.

Please note that Estimates are usually provided within 24-48 hours. Our estimates are very well detailed with the job specifications, warranties and even include our insurance certificates for Worker’s Comp and Property Liability. This way you know that we are insured.